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Poker is a very popular game among many people and especially right now thanks to developing online casino industry. You will find different tournaments offered to players promises to them to win the millions and more. It is a good reason why poker sites are earning good money for many owners of poker rooms. Moreover, poker exists in several types or variations that this means that you will surely find a great game that you will enjoy playing. If you are bored with some game, you can check on another game. All the poker games have similarities but at times it is not that easy to understand how the game is played.

Poker Host Bonuses

Poker Host is pretty popular poker room that has lots of regular players. One of the reasons why it is so is that you will be offered with great bonus. You will get 100% that is a pretty good option especially if you are looking for great bonus. You should also note that you have a high limit that is of $2,000 and this makes this offer to be pretty great. If some gaming website wants to be popular among many players, it should really offer different bonuses.

You will find lots of great bonuses at Poker Host. You will also find different promotions run daily, weekly and monthly. You can find lots of tournaments offered with the same frequency. You will also find there other promotions, including chase for $100 grand, $65,000 freezeout, Rounders, Extreme Stack, Bad Beat, and Bounty Leaderboard. You will surely appreciate those great promotions and will like to come back to this casino over and over again. You should only to keep playing and following the updates of this poker room.

Free Rolls and Real Money

If you become a new player at Poker Host, you will find lots of great freerolls. If you play at this great poker room, you can also practice your poker skills because there is an option to play for free available for you at this poker room. This means that you can play there with no risk to lose your money, because you will not place any. If you temporary out of money, you can also play at this online poker room if you use fun play options.

The color scheme of this website is blue, and it is only up you if you really like this color. This website has a great and neat design. You will not find too many advertisements all over the page and this makes the things much more pleasant for players. You will find everything that you may need on their website pretty fast, because everything there is just in the center. You will find different promotions of their website and each promotion has its own logo. You will also find on their website flash version. This is a great news for those who dislike to download something to their computer. You will surely decide that it is a great website that is really worth checking out.

Poker Host Bonuses

PokerHost offers you to take advantage of a variety of bonuses and promotions that are available for the poker players of all types.

Sign Up Bonus

If you register at PokerHost, and make your first deposit, you will get a 100% bonus that is up to $600. You can get this bonus upon your accumulation of Frequent Poker Points (FPPs). You need to get 1/10 of the bonus requirements, and you will get 1/10 of the deposit.
Deposit Total Required FPP Everytime You Reach FPP Receive
$20 333.32 33.33 $2
$508 33.30 83.33 $5
$100 1666.60 166.66 $10
$150 2499.90 249.99 $15
$200 3333.20 333.32 $20
$250 4166.50 416.65 $25
$300 4999.80 499.98 $30
$350 5833.10 583.31 $35
$400 6666.40 666.64 $40
$450 7499.70 749.97 $45
$500 8333 833.30 $50
$550 9166.30 916.63 $55
$600 9999.60 999.96 $60

Buddy Referral Bonus

You can refer your friends to this poker room. If you referred friends open a new account to this online poker website and make a deposit of at least $25, you will get a great bonus of up to $51.

Deposit Buddy Referral Bonus Requirements

$25-$49$25450 FPPs
$50+$51920 FPPs

You will get a bonus on conditions that you will get 450 FPPs for $25 bonus of 920 FPPs for $51 bonus.


You will find a great daily $50 freeroll that is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday. You can also check on Tuesday and Thursday nights, if you are looking for other great freerolls. You can get a chance to win every week there a $200 freeroll.

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$7000 Free Bonus

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